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:iconyeehawplz: Commissions! :iconyeehawplz:

I'll accept all the monsters and creatures, of any sort, that you have in your mind(being extra wild and wicked or super cute and pink sugar flavoured (?)), as well as normal animals. I will also take human characters in a more anime/manga/comic style (I still suck at realism :stupidme:).

:pointr:These prices are for single full-body characters WITHOUT a background:pointl:
:bulletred:Portraits and waist-up drawings will cost the half of these prices. Also, if you want more than one character in the same picture, that would mean 3USD extra for each character:bulletred:
I don't usually do backgrounds, but that doesn't mean I can't do simple ones. I just won't take anything beyond my current skills (like complicated perspetctives of cities or futuristic things). The price will be increased according to how complex the background will be.
As you might have seen in my gallery, I often use a picture of a background I like and place the characters in it. I can do the same thing for you if you want, but you must give me the picture I'm going to use.

Remember that your character's complexity will result in lower or higher prices, too (this… won't cost the same as this…).

:skullbones: Pencil works.
:bulletblack:If you want only the clean lines, with no shadings (like this…), it will be 10 USD
:bulletblack:If you want something with shading (…), it will be 13 USD.
:bulletblack:Now, if you want a black and white drawing, it'll be 15 USD and up (…)

:skullbones: Inks
:bulletblack:Simple lineart and flat black inks (…) 15 USD
:bulletblack:Pen works (…) 20-25 USD (depending on how detailed they are)
:bulletblack: Chinese inks and full inked works (by that, I mean shadings and "watercolor" effects…) 25-30 USD

:skullbones: Color
Note: I only work with Digital colors.
:bulletblack:Flat shading (anime, cartoon or Disney style, like…) 20-25 USD
:bulletblack:According to the level of realism you ask, price will be increasing.
To give you an idea, something like this… will cost between 20 and 30 USD and this… over 40 USD.

If you're interested, send me a note with the subject "Comissions" and clear, detailed info about your character (who is he/she, what does he/she look like, what does he/she do, is he/she grumpy or a happy idiot, so on). Links to pictures and other references are also welcome! I'll give you my e-mail address so we can work more comfortably.
Before you get the complete piece and while I'm still working on the sketch, I want the 50% of the final price payed up front via PayPal, just to have some security. When I start working I'll send you three or four thumbnails with very rough sketches so you can pick the one that you like the most. I'll show you my progress and you can make all the changes you like as long as I'm still working on the sketch. Once the final lines are done, there's no turning back. I'll do the same while coloring and I'll show you a picture with the flat colors and the place the light will be coming from. Once I'm working on the shadings, no more changes will be accepted.
When I have the work finished I'll send it to you (as a 300dpi PNG picture) by mail or uploading it in Mediafire.

:skullbones: Payment :skullbones:

It will be only through :bulletred:PayPal:bulletred:

:police: I Won't Accept:

:bulletred:Porn. I can draw a sexy nude or an erotic scene, but no flat porn at all! (mostly because I still have to go through hell to draw two characters interacting in the same page, excuse my incompetence :XD:)

:bulletred:Animal cruelty. You can ask me to draw something with tons of blood and organs raining, like two huge beasts killing themselves and stripping each other's insides out in a deathly fight, but not animal torture. I'd hate having to draw Bambi with a Jigsaw machine full of spikes and prods around his legs (human beings count as animals too =P)
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